Advisory Teams

Advice & support from some of the biggest names—and brains—in the industry.

We help take the pains out of growing.

​Running a startup is hard. We know, because we’ve done it. Which is why long after we’ve provided funding, our advisory teams are available to mentor you as your business grows.

These industry experts are ready to share their knowledge, experience, and resources in the following fields:

Technology & Product Management
Go-To-Market Support
CIO & CTO Advisors


In addition, we have technical advisors who specialize in Z5 Capital’s areas of focus:

​Infrastructure/Cloud, Data Management, Enterprise Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning (ML) and Security.

The Leading Team

Visionary. Entrepreneur. Investor.

Nanda Krish

Founding Partner, Z5 Capital
GP, StartSmart Labs
Founder and CEO of 3 Startups

Trailblazer. Motivator. Investor.

Arun Ramamoorthy

Founding Partner, Z5 Capital
GP, Pinnacle Ventures
S&M, Intel Corporation

The Techxpert

Raymie Stata

Fellow, Airbnb
Founder, Altiscale (acq SAP)
CTO, Yahoo!

The Advisory Team

The Finance Whiz

Asiff Hirji

President, Coinbase
President, TD Ameritrade

The Master Mind

Arvind Nithrakashyap

Co-Founder & CTO, Rubrik
Chief Architect, Rocketfuel