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Day 2 Kubernetes Gets a Serious Boost

Why Kyverno and PMK from Nirmata are game changers and why we invested in Nirmata?

At Z5, we are constantly looking for companies that are at the cusp of business inflection and have breakout potential. We met one such company earlier this year. Founded by Jim, Ritesh, and Damien, Nirmata is the creator of Kyverno, an open source policy engine designed for Kubernetes, which has been growing very rapidly – including having more than 6 million downloads in less than six months, over 1,200 GitHub stars, and an engaged and vibrant user community.

Kubernetes (aka K8s) is an open-source container-orchestration system for automating application deployment, scaling, and management. Originally developed by Google, Kubernetes is now under the Cloud Native Computing Foundation umbrella, and is the Cloud Native Operating System for managing containerized applications.

Day 2: Meeting the Challenge for production Kubernetes

As enterprises adopt cloud native technologies and specifically Kubernetes, the transition from Day 0: Design and Development, to Day 1: Configuration and Deployment and subsequently to Day 2: Governance, Compliance and Automation can be very challenging and can slow down adoption. Kubernetes is easy to spin up but is not secure by default. This is why Kyverno, a policy engine specifically designed for Kubernetes has found rapid adoption within the developer community.

Kyverno to the Rescue

Using Kyverno, policies are managed as Kubernetes resources, and no new language is required to write policies. Kyverno policies can validate, mutate, and generate Kubernetes resources. Further, Kyverno is simple, elegant, and easy to scale, and thus provides enterprises the governance, compliance and automation solution they need for production Kubernetes.

Propelled by strong traction and downloads, Kyverno is well on its way to becoming the de facto
policy management engine for Kubernetes.

PMK and Beyond
Enterprises looking for a deployment ready solution with pre-built policies and governance and compliance features, will find the Policy Manager for Kyverno (PMK), currently in beta, a perfect solution for hardening their production Kubernetes.

We’re excited with the roadmap for Nirmata and what lies ahead and are looking forward to working with Jim, Ritesh, Damien, Anubhav and the rest of the Nirmata team as they continue to build game changing products for production Kubernetes.

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